Improve Terraform deployment workflows and increase quality assurance by implementing a simple yet effective CI into your Bitbucket repository.

Reduce cloud cost and improve cloud hygiene by locating and identifying cost impactful resources in Google Cloud Platform

Build a version controlled development environment for your project with Docker containers and Visual Studio Code.

  • 👥 Audience: Intermediate
  • 🕒 Time: 15–30 minutes
Containers, but not these container.

Why use containers?

From resource provisioning to multi-environment monoliths. Try these patterns to help segregate responsibility, services, and code to increase efficiency, reliability, and performance in your Terraform configurations.

  • 👥 Audience: Beginner — Intermediate
  • 🕧 Time: 30–45 minutes
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1. Stateful Configuration

Structure Example

Resource Example

Stop downloading service account keys. Here are three quick guides demonstrating key-less access to GCP.

  1. Using gcloud as a service account
  2. Working with Terraform locally
  3. Running local scripts and code
  • 👥 Audience: Beginner — Intermediate
  • 🕒 Time: 10–20 minutes

Working with Service Account Impersonation

  • 👥 Audience: General
  • 🕒 Time: 5 minutes

Migrate to managed services where possible.

Your typical enterprise “Lift & Shift”


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